Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How's Christmas ?

Or would I say, how's the Land of Smiles ?


The windy breeze, welcomed me with open arms. Indeed it was a fun getaway trip (and of course some eye-candying session) spread across the weekend up till today.

Once again, the feeling of experiencing other people's culture indeed very satisfying.

Like they always say, it's a shopping hub here. And you just can't resist yourself from not going on a shopping spree.

Food was nice, hospitality was comforting.

That's the best personal Christmas present I could have asked for. Spending it with my family.

Just finished unpacking, off to bed soon.



J-boy said...

Oooooh a Thai Christmas.. sounds like fun :P

viver said...

ooohhh "bangkok" in bangkok? XD

ooi2009 said...

thai pple are so sexy , get me one back

Chen Xing said...

@J-boy: Fun with eye-candies to look at.


@viver: No, not really. Definitely a "bang" but no "kok" involved.

@ooi2009: Lol, you always go there and help yourself.