Sunday, April 18, 2010

Trying out new things never been that exciting. There's always the risk whenever you engage on new adventure, best when you know that it's not right to do it. Who cares, we are born to break rules and run wild.

I went to sauna. After a short moment of judgment, my inner devil took over my mind. Few persuasions from friends, we embarked on this sort of "new adventure" together. Hop on the penis-wagon and here we were on our way to the sauna in town. Riding for about 30 minutes, we reached our destination.

Heart pumping, beating faster than I breathe. Stepping in there was like stepping into a place of no return. A happy wonderland, to some kids a place filled with sweet candies. Whereas for us, it's a place full of eye-candies. It was worth exploring. After all, what else you want to do ? Being caged in and not letting yourselves loose. Wild exploration and wild things happened.

A typical sauna with steam room, sauna room, gym, dark room and a few private rooms. Just name it, there will be something to ignite your kinkiness. With all the guys walking around like that, wrapped around in a white towel, once again you are like in heaven. With all the whites you see, it's a turn on.

Oh gosh, I am glad to say that I have been there and done that. Thanks to my two friends for the companionship.

Stay tuned, one more trip of sauna coming up.


tuls said...

it really sucks to be the third party, and yes he at first too told me that he was in a relationship with his bf but the bf was cheating on him making me thinking that i had hope.. over the whole 9 months we were together i only saw him 5 times and at last he went back to his cheating bf rather than me.. hm.. yes its happy at first, but in the long run it will be painful.. hm...

Chen Xing said...

thinking back now, i think it's not worth the pain. whatever comes, come. guess will just have to learn from it then.