Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If you were to ask me honestly, I think I am absolutely lost.

After what happened today, I am a little pissed off and glad to say that I have indeed learnt some valuable lessons in life. And let me stress, particularly life lesson pertaining to my career.

  • A phone call last Friday evening while I was enjoying my dinner sounded something like this: "Hey, are you in the office. Oh, then it's alright. I'll sort it out by myself."
  • It rang again and this time: "So, you know what happened. Apparently something went wrong. You made a mistake. First thing Monday morning, come to my room and shall go through the event." 
That explained the uneasiness in me for the past weekend. I was told that I did something wrong. Feeling unaccepted, I walked in to the office today. Faced my boss and taking in bullets when supposed I am not the only one to blame. Right after that moment, I walked out and checked through the whole artwork again. Thrice I examined it carefully. In the end, we did no mistakes and of course I walked back to my boss and showed her.

Conclusion: Do people always make assumptions without going through the facts ?

  • A situation which goes something like this: 50% increase in the basic pay, at least an additional benefit, new environment with new medium to work with, a level or two higher than the current position.

They asked whether I am still looking. Almost gave up, but then I said yes as I needed a fresh place to work in. I don't like it when I am too comfortable. Not a healthy sign. Supposed to get back to them on when I can start, but then again, standard protocols must be complied.

So today I called again to confirm and they told me that "it's going to be put on hold". What to do now ? Almost told everyone that I am leaving. Embarrassed and scared.

Career guidance needed badly.

Conclusion: Keep the big mouth shut !

Basically, those are the 2 things that still bothering me up till now. Off  to bed now, an early start for me tomorrow.

Oh god, help me.


A said...

Sounds complicated.. hopefully everything will be alright. If it doesn't go the way you wanted it to, maybe there's something better in store for you lateron. *hug*

tuls said...

keep the big mouth shut ! yes!! oh CX.. hopefully you dapat the job la!!

savante said...

Hopefully the new job works out!

Chen Xing said...

@A: Yup. Keeping my options open for any possible opportunities.

@tuls: That's the lesson. Sometimes keeping it to yourself is way much better than telling everyone else.

@savante: Crossing fingers, and if I do get it, just hope that it's the right decision that I am making.

Thanks all !!!