Sunday, August 18, 2013

That's what they say in their profile description.

And as much as the hot body pics, am tempted to message them.

Sometimes, it's just so weird to chat with a headless soul.

Not quite sure how to prolong the conversation, afraid that it might a no when we asked for the face picture. Most of the time, they will just not reply at all.

In my profile, it carries a face picture and full body picture at least.

(And the rest, I would say it's history.)



                                      *Random screenshots from Grndr, just a moment ago.

So discreet guy, do you pursue ? How do you tackle them ?

Care to share some tips ?


J-boy said...

Haha the 2nd pic, the one in the shower, I know who that is LOL... coz I met that person before and have stalked his profile haha :P

Anonymous said...

instantly I go straight to the point starting off with "hi there, up for fun?" ....

rickycarter93 said...

I would say most won't be exactly how they look, but some surely yes. If it's just for some action, why not just hit them up? Never know what will you get yaself into.. :)

JokerPJ said...

Wait for them to text you, then say,


They will usually send pictures or unlock their pic, else just ignore loo~

Chen Xing said...

@J-boy: Is he hot ?


@Izach Olivera: Ooo...ok ok. Maybe next I should be more direct in my replies.

@Eric Hah: Hit them up myself ? Hmm, still waiting for someone's match-making activity to happen. Wonder when.

@JokerPJ: Sometimes, even with the hot body pic it's kind of hard to ignore.