Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ya, been kind of emo due to one silly thing which I did yesterday.

Other than that, been spending today watching the latest season of Drop Dead Diva.

And oh my, the new guardian angel (though the previous one not bad as well) is simply just too cute & charming.

So here you go, Justin Deeley as Paul, Jane's new guardian angel.


I am depressed now.


Twohornschild said...

Cute cute cute. And hope your mood iis better now.

kiddystick said...

i need a guardian angel too

Danny said...

hmm... i still prefer fred. :)
cheer up :))

Ash Godiva said...

WAAAA HE'S SO MY TYPE!!!*melted*

cheer up and be strong....

Chen Xing said...

@two horns child: Yup, thank god for work.


@kiddystick: Everyone needs one.


@Danny: Of course, your type right ? Hehehe.

@Ash Godiva: Ya, me melted too when watching the show.