Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It's been kind of emotional the past week.

Two things keep on surfacing in my mind: Car & House

I seriously couldn't figure out how people juggle their life with the above.

Commitments, high involvement purchases and the dire need to cope.

Maybe I am just too free in the office.

One more week to the much awaited festive break (a long one), am sensing that things will be slower towards the end of the week. And completely quiet come next week.

Clients are already in the mood, same goes to the environment in the office.

I thought a haircut would somewhat make me feel better, a feel good change. Nope, still feeling kind of mellow and emo.


To make the situation even more depressing, kind of not feeling well internally. Flu season, and will be sneezing in no time.



Anonymous said...

be strong. good luck.

Ash Godiva said...

car also is always keep surfacing in my mind....get well soon and rest well...

and yes,like what you said we are already in the mood,and things will be quiet for another 3 weeks...

Leo Nut said...

Have i been missing from the blogsphere for that long? I come to your blog and my face goes "O.o".. haha, nice layout!

Anyways.. I've yet to experience this but i kinda feel house would be my priority..


Chen Xing said...

@Izach Olivera: Thanks. Somewhat today, am inspired.


@Ash Godiva: How's your preparation coming along ?

@Leo Nut: Thanks. Nope, not really. Just update the site with this new layout a day ago.

Yea, property by right should be the priority but...

Oh well, somehow I will overcome this "dilemma".


Twohornschild said...

Always add another 40% to the total price of the house. Then that would be the grand total, cause you would need to fill the house after you buy it. Maybe you should start surveying houses. Many stuff you would need to understand and learn. So as you do it you would be wiser in choosing the right home. So don't think about buying first. Learn how to choose a perfect home first. Then you would wanna survey furnitures. Themes for your chambers. Survey lighting. Proper lighting placements. Survey kitchens. Survey plants. Survey bathrooms.

Chen Xing said...

@two horns child: Wokeh, will take note of that.

Err, can hire you as my consultant when am scouting ? Maybe you can provide interior design tips as well.