Saturday, July 20, 2013

Here's the thing with alcohol & happy hour.

I know it's great moment to spend time with friends or colleagues.

Yes, the gossip-ing moment after work summing up the working week.

It's not what I would usually do, but once in a while I do appreciate a drinking session with them or sometimes with close buddies.

So long you know your limits, I would say - drink responsibly !

Here we are sitting somewhat close to the walkway and this one particular walking in and out to the sink and throwing up.

We counted, at least 5 times. I mean honey, it's not a fashion runway nor a place for straight men to pick you up.

But if you can't drink, then just don't drink.

Nothing to be embarrassed about. Plain water will do, fruit juice or just stick to the diet coke.

I rest my case, off to be bed now.

Shopping spree tomorrow.

Nitez !!!


Ash Godiva said...

Happy Shopping!:D

Chen Xing said...

@Ash Godiva: Didn't shop that much as what I have intended.