Thursday, June 14, 2012

"I thought you have buried him ?"

That's the question my friend replied to me.

Yes. Initially, I was happy the new pictures posted on his Facebook. It's as if, he's brought back to life and that's a miracle.

I mean, after a long day out being out there sitting through almost half a day brainstorming and discussing about work - it's always a happy vibe seeing him (in pictures).

Waited for a moment, I sent him a message via Facebook and was hoping that he would reply. Nope, I left the office with a sunken feeling in heart.

I drove out, and the jam was crazy.

Decided to drop by One Utama, thinking that shopping will fill the void. Nope, thought Pedro sales was temptingly inviting.

No new shoes for the moment.

Grabbed what I intended to get. Got home, and now don't know I should be feeling tomorrow.

Yes, the weekend is finally here. And this weekend I'll need to attend some "training".

A rehab or a retreat ?

Nothing can fill the void in me right now.


soul232 said...

take it as a time off from ur daily surrounding and may help u to feel better after such a long week

take really good care of urself during the training k =)

JokerPJ said...

Shopping does fill the gap like... 5 seconds? then the gap got bigger when we look into our wallet >.<

rehab? retreat? or hunting ground? hehe ops ops... happy hunting! I mean happy training =)

Twohornschild said...
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Twohornschild said...

It is such a break. Just in time for you to be around unfamilliar stuff so that you will come back "new"
Yeah i get the longing feeling. It hurts but then again we know life goes on. Just hang in there strong and dare to act. Hugs...Hope you have a great overwhelming i meant training..(ish JokerP!!!)

chaiminhuei said...

Just make sure you keep close ones near to you (not always distance-wise) during this period.

Jason said...


Chen Xing said...

@soul232: Yup, I am back. And it was a great weekend for me.


@JokerPJ: Hunting ground, yup. But don't thing so I managed to prey on someone. Though couple of guys who attended were sort of cute.


@two horns child: Lol, thanks. I gained a new experience the past weekend.

@chaiminhuei: Yup. I talked to my mother.


@Jason: Am alright now. Don't worry.