Friday, June 22, 2012

Let me redirect you to a new site whereby I will...

Nah, just kidding.

The Rainbow In Me will still be here, only that starting Sunday onwards (I hope), I will be blogging from the new place that I'll be moving into starting tomorrow.

Bit by bit, slowly, I'll shift my stuff over to the new place in the course of next 2 days.

Haven't really start packing yet, as there's nothing really much to pack.


Simply because most of my stuff are already in boxes or in my bags and luggage. What's need to be done, is to dismantle the rack hangers, standing light and my desk.

Other than that, I am pretty much ready to live in a new place.

Having to mention all the above, I am still finding the motivation to start packing and call it a day.

Side note: What happened last weekend, and the phone call from today. Hmm...


soul232 said...

Happy moving. Hope it gonna be better this time =)

btw, what phone call?? XD

JokerPJ said...

best motivation? wait till last minute


productivity will definitely shoot up~

mean while... just chill =P

J-boy said...

oohhh it's always nice to have something new :)

Chen Xing said...

@soul232: It will be better, cause I am really comfortable with these housemates.

Ooo..the phone call. Will blog about it soon.


@JokerPJ: Chilling. What about you ? Chilling with the new boyfriend ?


@J-boy: Yup.