Saturday, June 9, 2012

And it's only the first week of June.

Seems pretty much preoccupied. having most of the weekends being planned out.

Trainings/workshop. Moving to new place.

There goes my coming weekends.

I haven't really go out and get stuff for the new place. As for now, I'll just move in as it if and when I have the time (sometime end this month) I'll probably drop by IKEA for some room-inspiring deco-ideas.

As for this weekend, will probably be out catching up of on movie in the cinema and hanging out with friends over dinner.

Yummy! I want to be an all casual weekend.

*Give a listen to the new tune beside.


soul232 said...

a well-planned weekend is good as long u enjoy it. I love to just stay at home during weekend. oh, new place..hope it be better than the last one =)

Danny said...

moving ah? mana pergi?
enjoy ur weekend la :)

JokerPJ said...

Busy busy week =)

Nice~ Picture of your room please?!


Leo Nut said...

Ikea shopping! The funnest thing a person can do! LOL! :P

Da Closet Guy said...

Watch Madagascar 3 and be entertained by Alex and the gang (;

ooi2009 said...

dont u miss me

Chen Xing said...

@soul232: A normal weekend for me would usually means party on a Saturday, and staying at home on a Sunday.


As for the new place, oh yes, I can't wait to move in there.

@Danny: Yup. End this month will move to the new place. Some place not really that far from where I am currently staying.


@JokerPJ: When I am done decorating, maybe I'll post it up.


@Leo Nut: Yup, and the tonnes of inspirations that I can gain from just walking the whole 1st floor.

@Da Closet Guy: Probably one of the weekdays. (If I am not too busy with work.)


@ooi2009: Ya. Where have you been ? Are you attached now ?