Wednesday, December 21, 2011

If you are working, you know that it's the time of the year again.

Draw the name from the box, and you are the secret Santa for that person in the office.

This year, would be the second year I am doing this.

As always, I will stick to the season's theme, which is red and green. Last year's presentation of the gift was a little delicate as it was meant for a female colleague. Something which was wrapped using crepe paper.

This year however, got the inspiration from Burberry print.

Spent yesterday evening hunting for the gift, and ended up with something sort of unexpected. It's always the gift that is considered "safe" to me. Well, if I bought something that he/she would use, then it would be a risk as he/she might not like it. Different people will have different taste level, that's why it's hard to please - though no right or wrong when getting someone a gift.

Hence, something so generic that is to my liking and taste as well.

That's a custom design wrapping paper by me. Hehe !

So just now, spent about 30 minutes wrapping up the gift. Initial plan was to do it in the office, but just too many people walking in and out, around the office.

Exchanging the gift this Friday, wonder who is my secret Santa and what I'll be getting.

And to deary Santa, all I want for this Christmas this year is...


viver said...

hmmm... chocolates?

btw nice wrapping u got there...but it would probably be torn apart in less than a minute? XD

Chen Xing said...

@viver: Thanks. Nope, the gift is not edible.


ooi2009 said...

u still marah me ?