Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Leo Nut said...

Big dicks and full bulging muscles?.. I think thats most of the rainbow circle is about..

I like a warm heart and cuddles?.. lol..

J-boy said...

OMG this song is sooooo gay I couldn't listen to it till the end haha :P

Apart from what LeoNut said, i think good looks is really the thing that sets the first impression for most gays. It's the truth. Other people can say it's what's inside that matters, but you wouldn't be attracted to someone in the first place if they weren't appealing on the exterior! :P

JokerPJ said...

truly... she has got no idea...


think its subjective... as in outer appearance... but on the inside, I think everyone would agree that a good heart is essential =)

oh ah... and good personal hygiene... again... I got a feeling that this is subjective as well =.=


soul232 said...

decent look and a really good, heartwarming attitude, that is in general. for me, add cuddler into it and I'm all in =D

Mak Hayam Diva said... and power?i crave for the latter...

try to guess who am i,this is my "drag"

Chen Xing said...

@Leo Nut: Ouch !

Me too, nothing can beat a warm heart and cuddle.


@J-boy: I wouldn't say good look, but then how you present yourself exteriorly.

@JokerPJ: I supposed you are a very strict when it comes to hygiene ?

Hehe, that's a good trait to have.


@soul232: Hmm, somehow we all have the similar kind of answer.

@Mak Hayam Diva: Errr, don't really know.

Power ? As in the guy is in-charge ?