Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I got myself to follow my colleagues all the way to Sunway Pyramid for lunch. It’s not that far, and to be honest it’s the nearest mall to the office. I guessed that’s what it took just to have pizza for lunch.

Initially I am sort of reluctant to follow as simply because it will took up more than an hour. Also considering the amount of work that needed to be completed, I just can’t simply leave the office. Well, in the end I am glad that they enjoyed my company as I decided to tag along.

So was having lunch with them and while they were busy chatting, it struck me in my mind that wouldn’t it be nice if I could do a lunch date instead – perhaps with someone else one on one, once in a while. Imagine the excitement and the attention, something worth experiencing.

At that particular moment, I felt empty and lonely. Indeed, I need someone badly. I have been telling my friends that perhaps it’s not my time yet but then at least some signs that it’s coming? Plan A was like so yesterday, although if he were to call I will be happy again. Been chatting with Plan B for nearly 2 months now, I believe that there is something behind all those conversations. Blossoming? I hope so.

I am feeling sleepy, horny and tired. I don’t know how to prioritize and strategize anymore.

Perhaps, a decent male will help! With that in mind, have a healthy and balance diet.