Friday, April 25, 2014

Early this year, I did blog about me transferring to another sister agency (temporary) to help out on their new account (in which the Client used to be my existing one).

With high hopes and enthusiasm, I eagerly walked into the office with a lot of thoughts in my mind. People will definitely expect me to perform better, what if Clients weren't the same as before or what if it's a wrong move ?

Having said that, I tried anyway.

Taking the temporary transfer as a "retreat". Being by myself, surrounding with new peers and young pool of talents. Good & bad, in a way it has indeed broadens my experience.

Coming in here, I got to know better how a "specific" agency like this functions. Hopefully when I go to my own office, I will be able to put this 3-month experience to good use.

Yup, finishing my stint here end of this month. May 2nd, will be back to my own office.

Can't wait. Excited.

I missed my place, and also missing the people there.